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The Goofy Movie Review

Roxanne is pleases indeed

Roxanne is pleases indeed


First things first I hope everyone that did have a spring break had a very good one. And everyone that’s having a spring break coming up all I have have to say is lucky duck.

So over the break I re-watched The Goofy Movie. Hmmm what can I say about The Goofy Movie…other then this is one of my all time favorite movies!!

The movie is about Maximilian(Max) Goof also known to the world Goofy’s son. Who wants to win the heart of his high school dream girl Roxanne. He knows he has what it takes to get the girl but his only fear is he doesn’t want to be a goof like his dad. So he kind of tells a little lie..well maybe a super huge lie if you count telling a girl that your dad knows Powerline one of the biggest singers of their time and that you will be on stage with him a big lie. Anyway Max messes with goofy’s map to actually lead them to where Powerline’s show is being held. When Goofy finds out the trip turns into a trip that both son and father will never forget.

I would give this movie a 4 out 5 because I love the music and the story line. I also love how they kept the cartoon into a real life situation with a teenage son who thinks his father is so uncool and that he’s nothing like him. To a father who doesn’t want his son to go down a wrong path. I feel like everyone should watch this movie it’s a must see.  The only down side is they should have made a story line of what happened to Roxanne and Max because after this movie Roxanne is never to be mentioned again.


Top 10 Favorite Disney movies


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I feel like this is a Disney week or more of Disney day! Lets count down my top ten Disney movies:



If you must see any Disney movie ever it has to be this one! This movie has so many emotions that this  is one of the touching classics. Also if it’s not it should be.



I love this movie the underdog finally got his chance to be a hero and an star that’s Phil’s boy! this movie was about a young boy who just wanted to fit in but discovers that what lies in his blood is a destined hero.



the street rat falls in love with a princess what a strange but adventures combination. Mix two worlds colliding, a genie, a magic carpet and a sassy monkey with a twist of an Arabian night together and you got yourself a beautiful love story.



like mother like daughter…uh never that’s what madirth thought at first! this movie takes time out of finding true love and prince charming. to show a character that shows that girls can be powerful and brave. This movie is showing that all the love you need is between family.

Princess and the frog:

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this movie was better the gumbo stew. Its about a hard working girl with a big dream but never realizing that life can throw curve and show you things that you never knew that you needed instead of actually wanted.



Who doesn’t like this movie?! Wall-E is an adorable little robot who is the last of his kind on earth. Until he discovers that there are other robots like him but in a more futuristic (is that even a word?) world. Also seeing a love between Wall-E and Eve makes me kind of wish I had a love like that.



When Rapunzel  just wanted to see what she’s been missing outside of her trapped doors she discovers that there is so much that she’s been missing. Also it shows viewers how much she grown from this naive girl who thinks her “mother” knows best. To this girl whose saving men.

Beauty and the beast:

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When a beautiful girl  named Bell falls in  love with a beast it kind of shows you that you can love someone regardless of what they look like. Also there’s dancing furniture with sassy what more can you ask for.

Toy story 3:


This movie touched me I saw it when I was graduating high school going off to college and so was Andy. But just thinking about leaving your childhood behind to move on to bigger things that touches you. Also growing up with this movie there’s a little of something in everything.

Prince of Egypt: 


I don’t know but just seeing the culture of the Egyptians amazes me. This movie has beautiful images. This movie brought viewers into Egypt while giving us a touching story and wonderful songs.

The Little Mermaid



Ariel last name....mermaid?

Ariel last name….mermaid?


what can I say I’m a huge Disney fan! today I’m reviewing the little mermaid a great walt Disney classical made in 1989. the story is about a young mermaid named Ariel who falls in love for a charming human whoes a prince called Eric. she wants to give up her life now to walk on land to be with with the one she loves (prince Eric) even if that means giving up her prized possession her beautiful voice to the evil witch Ursula. The movie takes viewers on a ride with Ariel to prove  to prince Eric that shes the one that he fell in love with out the voice that made him fall in love.

As I watch this now that I’m older, I thought it was weird that she fell in love with a guy that she just met. Also she wanted to give up her family and her voice all for a guy that she barley knew..he could of have been married or already had a girlfriend( but it’s Disney that would never happen!) But in the end love always conquers evil. evil never wins in the land of Disney (sorry Ursula) I give The Little Mermaid a 4 out of 5 only because it did seem kind of rushed.