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Do Violent Movies Really Mess With Your Mind??


( there is a scene from the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie psycho in it!)

Violence this has been one of the many problems into days world. Many parents are trying to keep their child from explicit content from television shows, songs, movies to video games violence is every where and no one can stop it. Violence isn’t something that’s made up it happens everywhere from shooting to bombing. No child is safe from getting exposed to it but do you believe that violent movies are the key reason to some people’s behaviors. I’m not sure myself but I’m going to search a bit and find out.

Violent Movies, from “Goodfellas” to the “God Father” they are everywhere and some people love it. I asked brother and sister  Margaret Gillooly  who likes violent movies to Conner Gillooly who thinks violent aren’t are necessary.

Margaret explains why she loves violent movies. “I think violence can be done tastefully and um it depends on how the director  and how the shot is set it up.”

While Conner explains why he doesn’t. “I think film is a artform where we go to see movies for escapism to get away from violence and all the crazy things that happen.”

I asked them both if they believed that a violent movie affects a person’s behavior. Conner believes that it does while Margaret believes it does not.  I decide to ask the question to 20 people if they thought that violent movies could influence some ones behavior.  11 said yes while 9 said no. I also thought it would be interesting to see what genders agreed and disagreed on the topic.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 8.27.16 PM

this shows what gender agreed and disagreed?

this shows what gender agreed and disagreed?

Going back to my chart I posted last week on what movies people would rather watch. I just noticed that the people actually rather watch two movies that could be considered violent action movies.


I remember a friend telling me that after watching the television show Dexter her mood changed she wanted to go out and get everyone that did her wrong. But could this really change a person’s way of thinking.

There was a study was a study done at Virginia Tech, they did a experiment with 53 males and 40 female college students  and found out shocking revelations when showing them violent movies.  These people were no way provoked but their attitude seem to change they were shown movies like “Driving Miss Daisy” and “Little Man Tate” to violent movies like “Universal soldier” and “Excessive Force”

A big shooting that no one would ever forget is the midnight shooting at a Batman movie.  James Holmes with a Ak-40 took it in to a theater and shot many of innocent people.  When asked why he did it he said the Joker( in the batman movie) inspired him to do it. Many don’t believe that is the case that this man was already deranged. While other believes that violent movies are the case of this. Writer Alissa Henry explains it well.

I can’t remember my attitude ever changing after watching a movie. But I do know when I hear a certain song my mood does change from happy to anger from sad. So what do you think, Do you think violent movies can influence a person’s behavior?  I want to hear what do you think.


The Breakfast Club



“Don’t you forget about me don’t don’t don’t you!”  I actually really like this song and this movie. So I guess I’ve made this John Hughes week for my blog.

First off who couldn’t relate to this movie?! You have Andrew “Andy Clark (Emilio Estevez) the star athlete, Claire Standish (Molly Ringwald) the popular girl, John Bender ( Judd Nelson) the rebel, Brian Johnson (Anthony Michael Hall) the nerd and Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy) outcast (which was me in High school) coming together to spend detention together. They never would have thought they would learn that each one of then is not so different from the other.  I liked this movie because it shows this we all have similarities but we may not think we do because of the way this person dresses or their social status. I kind of wish that my high school experience was like that.  But also at the same time I don’t think we ever had saturday detention or detention would have been that long to pour out our life stories to people in that short amount of time. I give this movie a 4 out of 5 it’s a realistic cute movie. It’s more realistic then Jennifer’s body I’ll admit that much.

John Hughes Movies timeline




Hey Guys so for my Multimedia class I had to do a timeline that was  Movie related since my blog is about movies. So I thought what would be an awesome timeline and one person came to mind the great late John Hughes. He has produce, written and directed a lot of movies.  While creating the timeline I seen many 90’s classics like Beethoven, The Breakfast club, Home Alone, Weird Science and Sixteen Candles and it doesn’t stop from there. The Timeline consists of the date the movie came to theaters and also a brieft description of the movie. There were shows that he also did too but I decided to keep my timeline to just his movies. So please take a look at it and tell me what you think!       (timeline)

Pennsylvania Movie Spot Locations!



( Press Me says the interactive map)


So for my Journalism class I had to make a map about my blog topic. So what better way to represent my movie blog by doing a map mash up about five well know movies that shot some scenes in Pennsylvania! I’m from Pittsburgh so I thought this would be an excellent idea. This map shows some of the filming spots in Pittsburgh for the movies: The Dark Night Rises, Flashdance, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Night of The Living Dead and Inspector Gadget. Here are some interesting facts that I found on three of the movies.

The Dark Night Rises was mainly filmed in Pittsburgh. When I was watching the Movie I spotted many locations like the ally way by Point Park or Smithfield Street. Places that I walked past and for me that was an “Oh my goodness I was there!!” (Spazing moment) It’s pretty nice seeing place that I actually walk by everyday on the big screen.

As for Flashdance some of the spots were filmed in Pittsburgh. One spot in particular is well known on the Point Park University campus. Apparently Alex’s apartment address was the same address as the Conestoga building, which is a Point Park resident building. This surprised me because I use to live in that building and also I only heard of the movie but never actually watched it. This just makes me want to go and watch it just to see if I could recognize the building. It’s said that it looks nothing like the building that it is today. It’s hardly recognizable.

Lastly The Night of The Living Dead what I found to be interesting about this movie was that one of the scenes took place at the late actor Karl Hardman (Harry) Studio which after researching a while found out that it’s location is somewhere around Smithfield street every time I looked on the map it shows that it’s close by The Art Institute but it’s address is way down the other end.. I would think by now that the studio doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe Google maps can’t go back that far.

So there you have it! These are only five of a lot of movies that have been shot in Pittsburgh.

My review on a student short film: Another Night



Hey Guys so today I’m going to switch it up. Instead of reviewing a well know movie today I thought I should do a little review on student movie that I saw that I thought was really so good and that it should be seen. That short movie is called Another Night by Trisha Smith. It’s based off of one of Trisha’s events that her and her friend use to do. (except for the zombies showing up) The video was put together really nicely.

I also have to say  that I absolutely loved the grandfather ( played by her real grandfather)  in this short film. He is really funny and I loved the plot of it. It kind of reminds me of Buffy but instead with zombies of course!.

Introducing my Movie Project

Great Scott!!

Great Scott!!

Hey guys and girls! For my Multimedia class I decided to do a interview with two people Trisha Smith a Point Park student and Victoria Smith a Art Institute graduate (no relation).  These two have done student related films. and This is what inspires them to do some of their films.  SO please tell me what you think and enjoy!


Man I love that show

Man I love that show

Let’s give a thanks to IMDb without it where would movie lovers be. How would we know if that’s the same actress/actor from a movie/tv show that we saw a long time ago. Without IMDb we wouldn’t know the name of  the actor that played that very sexy cop on Southland or what other movies were he/she in so we could watch those too. The site even tells you what movies/tv shows they are going to be.(Score!)   IMDb gives us information that we would have never knew about either. Did you know Scott Weinger who voiced Disney’s Aladdin played Steve, D.J.Tanner’s boyfriend on Full House!? (I knew that but I bet some people didn’t) and without IMDb I wouldn’t know the names of certain actors/actress in a television show so I want to thank you IMDb for everything.

Here’s some backstory, Internet Movie Database Site also known to the world as  IMDb,was  founded by it’s CEO Colin Needham from England  in 1990. At that time he was a engineer  in Bristol. It was said that when Needlham  was in college (around 1989 before the internet was popular) he watched a lot of movies. He could  however never remember/keep track of which movies he seen already. So he decided to make a personal log  for himself and to also give to his friends when they go rent movies. His idea became more popular when he joined a college movie dissuasion group. Where the main members were college guys who discussed mostly who was hottest actress in movies and which movies they also  in. (You can find more about this Article here) Also Robert Hartill a web designer and computer programmer also helped  create a interface of the Internet Movie Database. He first started creating a  design in 1994 while he was still attending Cardiff University in Wales. The first interface of IMDb was called Cardiff Internet Movie DatabaseIt wasn’t till 1996 that the company became separate giving it the name that we know today. You can also say Hartill is one of the first to make the World Wide Web popular today.  In 1998 Amazon brought IMDb.