The Little Mermaid



Ariel last name....mermaid?

Ariel last name….mermaid?


what can I say I’m a huge Disney fan! today I’m reviewing the little mermaid a great walt Disney classical made in 1989. the story is about a young mermaid named Ariel who falls in love for a charming human whoes a prince called Eric. she wants to give up her life now to walk on land to be with with the one she loves (prince Eric) even if that means giving up her prized possession her beautiful voice to the evil witch Ursula. The movie takes viewers on a ride with Ariel to prove  to prince Eric that shes the one that he fell in love with out the voice that made him fall in love.

As I watch this now that I’m older, I thought it was weird that she fell in love with a guy that she just met. Also she wanted to give up her family and her voice all for a guy that she barley knew..he could of have been married or already had a girlfriend( but it’s Disney that would never happen!) But in the end love always conquers evil. evil never wins in the land of Disney (sorry Ursula) I give The Little Mermaid a 4 out of 5 only because it did seem kind of rushed.


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