Pretty Persuasion


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I have a long list of movies ( and tv shows) that I would love to watch and Pretty Persuasion was one of  the top ones. To warn you guys this is a rated R movies (sorry kids).  I saw a lot of gifs about this movie on tumblr so I thought what the heck lets give this a try and to tell you the truth I’m kind of sad that I actually did. The movie is about a 15 year old girl  named Kimberly Joyce played by Evan Rachel Wood who wants to make it big. She’ll do anything for fame even if that means throwing  her two best friends  Brittany( Elisabeth Harnois) and Randa ( Adi Schnall) under a bus and making them lie with you to  frame a teacher for sexual assault.

It did have it’s funny moments in the movie but then the ending could have been a little  more clearer to me.  Also it just surprises me that a 15 year old girl could be such a ruthless  mastermind. What also  surprised me with how much sex is involved in these preteen’s lives.  I would have to say that the most funniest character to me had to be Holly Klein ( Jane Krakowski ) I don’t know why though I guess because I laughed more at her lines and also she makes  a great “reporter”. Except for Randa who asked questions that to her was serious but to her american classmates it was common sense. I would give this movie a 3 out 5 because there is a hidden meaning in the movie and I’m guessing that Fame isn’t everything it’s hyped up to.



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