Movie slideshow story



For my Journalism class I had to do a Photo slideshow. It had to relate to my blog which is about movies so with the help of my three friends they made “Let’s watch this movie!” into a funny photo slide show. The story is below:

On a cold winter saturday night Joe and Bernard decided to take their movie tower apart. Each grabbed a movie as the rest of the movies fell to the ground.

Bernard wanted to watch The Craft while Joe wanted to season two of Warehouse 13. Both guys were angry they could never decide on anything.

Out from behind her hiding spot Jess looks at the two scared. She ask them both why don’t they watch Thor. They both look at her angrly then look at each other.

“Can you believe this?” asked Bernard.

“Who would want to watch that!??” asked Joe.

“Please Guys!” said Jess with a puppy dog pout.

They both soft up and gave in. They threw the movie in the and sat down on the bed but as they  watched on their faces changed.

…. apparently someone forgot to put the Thor disk back into it’s case oops.

The link to the slide show is down below see what the guys had to watch instead!

Let’s watch this movie!_A Movie slideshow


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